Positive numbers on your PAYE Coding Notice

FinSol Tax Advisors are positive, friendly and trustworthy accounting firms in London. Our team of certified Accountants in London offers expert accounting & tax advice and a tailored service to meet all your accounting needs.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) may send you a PAYE Coding Notice before the beginning of a tax year or if your tax code changes during a tax year.

Positive numbers on your PAYE Coding Notice: 

Positive numbers are part of your income that you don’t need to pay tax on. They include things like:

  • the tax-free Personal Allowance you’re entitled to
  • Married Couple’s Allowance if you get it
  • expenses repaid by your employer that you can get tax back on
  • Personal Savings Allowance for savings interest
  • Dividend Allowance for dividend interest

Our each and every accountant is knowledgeable, skilled and capable to working along with you to achieve your business and financial goals. To know more about our service and accountants contacts us today!



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