Taxation of charitable trust giving

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Gift Aid gives individuals (and companies) tax relief on donations. Individuals make donations out of net (after-tax) income and, if the donor makes a Gift Aid declaration, the charity can claim back the basic-rate tax paid on it; higher- and additional-rate taxpayers can claim back from HMRC (and keep) the difference between basic-rate and higher-rate or additional-rate tax. In 2015–16, charities received £1.26 billion under the Gift Aid scheme on £5.05 billion of donations, while higher- and additional rate taxpayers received £480 million in relief on charitable donations from HMRC.12

Under a payroll giving scheme (Give-As-You-Earn), employees nominate the charities to which they wish to make donations and authorize their employer to deduct a fixed amount from their pay. This requires the employer to contract with an HMRC-approved collection agency, and tax relief is given by deducting donations from pay before calculating tax due. The cost of the payroll giving scheme was estimated to be £40 million in 2015–16.13.

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