Claim Income Tax reliefs

FinSol Tax Advisors are a pioneering group of tax Accountants in Stanmore. We are an expert firm who offering accountancy services to both business and individuals in Stanmore.

Income Tax: It is a tax you pay on your income. You don’t have to pay tax on all types of income.

Tax relief’ means that you either:

• pay less tax to take account of money you’ve spent on specific things, like business expenses if you’re self-employed
• get tax back or get it repaid in another way, like into a personal pension

You get some types of tax relief automatically – but some you must apply for.

When you can get tax relief
Tax relief applies to pension contributions, charity donations, maintenance payments and time spent working on a ship outside the UK.

It also applies to work or business expenses – you may be able to:

• get tax relief on what you spend running your business if you’re self-employed (a sole trader or partner in a partnership)
• claim tax relief if you’re employed and you use your own money for travel and things that you must buy for your job

To know more about our services contact us any time, we provide the perfect answer of your query.



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