What is Capital Gains Tax?

At FinSol Tax Advisors, We have an innovative group of tax Accountants in Watford. We are a professional firm who offering accountancy services to both business and individuals in Watford.

Capital Gains Tax: It is a tax on the profit when you sell (or ‘dispose of’) something (an ‘asset’) that’s increased in value. Some assets are tax-free. You also don’t have to pay Capital Gains Tax if all your gains in a year are under your tax-free allowance.

Self Assessment: It is a system HM Revenue and Customs ( HMRC ) uses to collect Income Tax.

Disposing of an asset includes:

  • Selling it
  • Giving it away as a gift, or transferring it to someone else
  • Swapping it for something else
  • Getting compensation for it – like an insurance payout if it’s been lost or destroyed

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